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Membership in a national honor society should be the objective of every ambitious high school student. The greatest value of NFL membership is the encouragement and incentive it gives you to become an effective speaker and hence a more successful and more influential citizen. NFL trains for leadership. To be a leader in your school today and a leader in your community tomorrow, become an NFL member.

♦ NFL Points and Degrees

Degree Points Service Pts Strenth Pts Gem
Non-member 1 0    
Merit 2 1    
Honor 3 2   Emerald
Excellence 4 3   Blue Sapphire
Distinction 5     Ruby
Special Distinction 5     Double Ruby
Super Distinction 5     Triple Ruby
Outstanding Distingction 5     Quadruple Ruby
Premier Distinction 5     Quintuple Ruby
First Diamond       1 Diamond
Second Diamond       2 Diamond
Third Diamond       3 Diamond
Fourth Diamond       4 Diamond
Fifth Diamond       5 Diamond
Sixth Diamond       6 Diamond
Seventh Diamond       7 Diamond
Eighth Diamond       8 Diamond
Ninth Diamond       9 Diamond

♦ Credit Points

Every speech, win or lose, earns points and national credit simply for participation in the art of forensics.
Point systems can be particularly helpful when trying to gain support from parents, principals, school boards, and alumni.
The NFL point system has proven to be a successful tool to ignite competitive drive among students.

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