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  This class is designed to academically challenge and intellectually stimulate 
  students through the use of award-winning novels. By encouraging students
  to read a variety of classic literatary works and having them write responses
  and book reports, they will learn and improve the essential academic skills 
  needed to advance in the areas of reading comprehension, writing, and
  communication. It also serves to enliven interest in other content areas and
  as a forum for formulating opinions and discussing topical issues.
  The course is also intended to expose students to a wide variety of literature
 so that they come to see it as both a valuable and enjoyable pastime.

Upon successful completion of assigned reading, classwork, and homework, the students will be able to:
1.Comprehend the plot of an age and level appropriate novel
2.Demonstrate reading comprehension through writing essays
3.Recognize, identify, define, and describe literary elements employed by the author(s)
4.Recognize and describe the tone and style employed by an author(s)
5.Write a coherent essay in response to literature using supporting evidence from the novel or other reliable source material
6.Write an opinion and personal response to a literary work
7.Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of vocabulary presented in the reading
8.Demonstrate understanding of unfamiliar words by understanding context

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