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The pursuit of a desirable career…

The opportunity to build a constructive network with colleagues and renowned professors...

The prospect of exploring one’s core interest…

Simply the experience…

There are innumerable factors that guide a student to pursue the college experience; however, regardless of the initial motive, all students hope to be accepted into and attend the college of their choice. Unfortunately, reality has had its bearing: the college admissions process has become exceedingly competitive and applicants are now competing at elevated levels that are vigorously rising in intensity. The perfect GPA and the perfect Standardized Test scores no longer reflect inevitable acceptances as colleges have begun to search for:  well-rounded candidates, students who delve into their desired area of interest, pioneers in his/her own respective rights, leaders who initiate and epitomize genuine passion, and most importantly, students who are the “right fit” for their institutions. Then how can students reflect such desirable circumstances?

  • Through a compelling weave of personally reflective essays
  • Unique presentation of extra-curricular activities and leadership
  • Revealing and substantial reference letters
  • Early involvement and research into opportunities that will enrich the students’ academic/personal growth
  • Discovering a connection with the desired institutions while avoiding simply following through and answering the systemized process of college applications

In other words, preparing for the college admissions process is synonymous to developing a well thought-out, genuine, yet enticing and personalized package to reflect the student’s greatest assets.  New Hope Academy’s College Counselors are insightful experts who believe that every student has a distinct voice and can assist in guiding you to your desired final destination.

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