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♦ Overview:
The Science Research Project is a specialized curriculum designed for advanced high school students who are not only highly proficient in biology, but also genuinely invested in pursuing a future career in the sciences. Combining instruction in proper scientific writing and in-depth quality research, students will have the opportunity to develop a research paper in the form of an article to publish in a useful and comprehensible manner for the general public. 

♦ Topics: Will be discussed as a group with the research instructor and determined in the first session

♦ Purpose:
Entering a top-tier university is a constant catalyst for pursuing advanced classes, maintaining a high GPA, excelling on standardized tests, and investing in extra-curricular activities. Unfortunately, the desire to be admitted into a premier college is a universal goal for students, driving the competitive measures to new heights. Universities are now, more than ever, searching for students beyond prominent stats and an endless resume. Universities desire a student who invests in a genuine passion and delves into his/her interest beyond the limitations of an institution and/or textbooks. Particularly in the field of science, research and pursuing a topic of interest via independent pursuit is a crucial element universities look to discover in their future prospects. Thus, by participating in the science research project, these are a few of the following benefits:
 opportunity to research & explore scientific areas of interest beyond the limitations of school
 provide a firm foundation in the development of a scientific research-based paper
 quality attraction on the resume for college
 opportunity to discover new interests and learn the depths of various scientific topics
 establish a distinction amongst competition

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